Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dancing in the Church - Kimber and Bonsai

Hey everyone!

While in Makueni on Sunday, we (Kimber and Bonsai), went to Pastor Steve’s Church along with Beth, Christine, and Daniel (all attending training with us). Due to our bus overheating we arrived  45 minutes late, which in Kenya time is not bad at all. The church had waited for us to start and the Pastor greeted us outside to let us know where to sit.  As soon as we sat down they began doing choreographed dances to songs which told a really neat message. It was fascinating seeing authentic, African dancing. They then had offering, and, as you can see from the other blogs, they auctioned off agricultural items that were given in lieu of a traditional offering. That was interesting to see and hear. (Imagine an auctioneer speaking in Kambo-their tribal tongue). When we had to get up to say a few words to the church, Bonsai tried speaking Swahili to the church but it was not until after the service that we learned they spoke Kambo.

After the service (3 hours later) everybody greeted the pastor, then got in line behind him, shaking everyone’s hand in between; definitely a smart way to meet and greet everyone. After the greetings, we joined a group of all ages (3 years to 80 years) doing an African line-dance in the front of the church. We were definitely the least coordinated there by far. Before we left, they brought us sodas (a very well established Kenya tradition) as we talked with Pastor Steve. He told us of the progress his church had been making as well as his involvement with the LIA programs. We soon thereafter left the church, not only with a better understanding of how LIA works with the church, (and how to African line-dance), but with an understanding that we all worship the same God, just in different ways. We are both looking forward to going back to Makueni this coming up week and we are hoping to be better prepared for the dancing… maybe we can teach them some American dance moves?

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