Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Makueni Overview

Bonsai here.  Sorry for the long delay between posts, we had very limited internet access while we were in Makueni last week.  I am going to give a brief overview of what we did each day and then others will post more detailed experiences that they had while there. 

On the first Sunday we all went to a small (20 members) evangelical church called Amen Gospel Church. 

On Monday we met with the Pastor's Fellowship group, went to a school and played with like 200 kids, and went to Pastor Stephen's house for lunch with all the pastors and many of their families. 

On Tuesday we helped do construction on a building that is going to be used for a storeroom for grain and kerosene so the churches can buy grain and kerosene in bulk and sell it at a fair price all year so the townspeople  won't get taken advantage of by businessmen charging way too much during the dry season.

On Wednesday we did evangelism visits to people's houses with Pastors and LIA staff.  The Mi2s were Amy and I, Jim and Rebecca, and Daniel and Kimber.

On Thursday we went to a construction project at a church for a Pastor's house/church office.   There wasn't much the Mi2s were able to do because of lack of tools but Jim, Amy, Kimber, and I went on a donkey caravan to get water. 

On Friday we did home visits that turned into evangelism and I helped lead my first person to Christ! (more on this in a later post).  We also had a bonfire that night with Pastor Stephan and many of the youth from the town. 

On Saturday we met with an HIV/AIDS support group and prepared sermons.

On Sunday we all preached at different churches and had to say goodbye to Daniel and Margaret from LIA Makueni office and the Pastor's fellowship.  The pastors presented us with some REALLY cool gifts, too!

Makueni was so neat and it was so helpful having very little Internet access because it allowed us to focus on God more.   Look for many of us to be writing blog posts that summarize our best experiences from Makueni.


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