Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Calling all Prayer Partners!

>>Don't forget to check out Amy's blog below about our first four days in Kenya<<
James B, aka Bonsai, here.  Things are going great.  People are speaking plenty of Swahili to Rebecca, which is hilarious, and Daniel, our theology major, is really excited because all of us are going to get to preach soon.
I am going to post prayer requests every couple of days to help keep you all, our prayer partners, up-to-date on how you can best help both the Mi2 team (both in Europe and Africa) and the Christians and non-Christians on those continents.  
Prayer Requests
1)      For Kimber, she is not feeling well right now, so please keep her in your prayers. 
2)      For Jim, as he works on his medical school application.
3)      For the LIA staff, please pray that as we go through our TOT training, that the Holy Spirit provides the wisdom to the LIA staff to continue pouring into us so intentionally like they already have been so far. 
5)      For Sudan, please pray that their president will stop the genocide that continues to this day.
6)      For South Sudan, pray that God protects the people of this new country.   
7)      For Egypt, pray that the upcoming elections go the way that God wants it to go and that followers of Christ there do not get more restrictions placed on them. 
>>Please, if you can, schedule these into your prayer time and  spread them to your friends and family<< 
Family and friends (and Amy's dog Chloe): please know that we are thinking about you a lot (especially Amy with her dog) and that we really appreciate all of the support that you have given us!
Kwa heri!


  1. We're praying for Kimber! make sure she has some Cheez-its!
    Love you each!

    -Sar, Es, & Chels

  2. We miss you, too. We just circled up right before we checked this and prayed for you all because we love you! We really apprecate you all keeping our team in your prayers. We have really enjoyed reading your blog posts as well!

    ~Mi2 Kenya~