Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Kenya-ers

So, who is the Kenya team? Well, let me just take a moment to introduce each of my fellow                    Mi2: Kenya-ers. 
(from top left)
Name: Rebecca Scott
Age: 23
College/Major: Graduated from University of Louisville (GO CARDS!)- Business Marketing
Hometown: Bowling Green, KY
Reason for doing Mi2: I’ve had missions on my mind for a couple years and when God led me to the Mi2 website it seemed like awesome opportunity to get first-hand experience in an internship setting. I really had no idea whether God was calling me to full-time missions, but I’m so glad I get the opportunity to explore that.
Comment about Will & Ben: I just think they are so funny. That’s all I really have for y’all. Most of the time, I would just watch/listen to them in awe.
Favorite Song: Cold-hearted by Paula Abdul

Name: Kimber Pittman
Age: 19
Hometown:  Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
College/Major: Manhattan Christian College-Cross-Cultural Missions/Business
Reason for doing Mi2: To better understand my calling for my life/understand God’s purpose for my life
Favorite thing, funny moment(s), just a comment about Will & Ben: Will and I are complete opposite people all the way down to our strengths—this wouldn’t pose much of a problem except that two of Will’s bottom strengths are empathy and harmony…
Favorite Song: Cold-hearted by Paula Abdul

Name: Amy Bryant
Age: 23
Hometown: Louisville, KY
College/Major: University of Louisville (GO CARDS!)-Business Marketing
Reason for doing Mi2: I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to Kenya twice on short-term trips and absolutely fell in love with Kenya and with LIA’s ministry model.  I wanted to spend a longer period of time learning about how LIA trains and equips the local church to actually be the church.  Also, I want to better understand my role in missions for the future.
Funny moment/memory about Will & Ben:  Playing music jeopardy with Ben on the way to rafting; just watching Ben use his special cup every day while wearing pink sunglasses; Will stealing our butter and then finding the butter in the cabinet 2 days and 2 boxes of butter later; Will and I plowing through four bags of raw carrots with minor help from others in one weekend
Favorite Song: Cold-hearted by Paula Abdul

Name: James/Jim Dolezal (our brainiac)
Age: 21
Hometown: Peru…Indiana--wah wah wahhhh
College/Major: Taylor University-Biology Pre-med
Reason for Mi2:  It looks like Mission Impossible: 2. In all actuality, I’m a pre-medicine student and feel called to serve God through health missions.  LIA’s approach in this internship—to train students in how to approach sustainable missions and treat people holistically—is perfect for people in my situation, who not only want to make our calling sure but also desire to learn how best to establish the Kingdom of God with the life and resources we’ve been given.
Funny Moment with Will and/or Ben:  Their faces
Favorite Song: Cold-hearted by Paula Abdul

Name: James Bonsall aka Bonsai
Age: 23                
Hometown: New Albany, IN      
College/Major: Indiana University Southeast- Business Marketing
Reason for doing Mi2: I feel like there is more to life than sitting at a desk from 9-5 and the Mi2 program is structured in a way that will help me discover the more important things in life.
Funny Moment with Will and/or Ben: I couldn’t remember which one was Will and which one was Ben all weekend!
Favorite Song: Cold-hearted by Paula Abdul

Name: Daniel Mueller (our Theologian)
Age: 20
Hometown: Louisville, KY
College/Major: Ozark Christian College- New Testament Theology
Reason for Mi2: Being a New Testament Theology major, I have studied the Scriptures for the past three years at school. My goal for Mi2 is to learn how to apply what I have learned in my studies into a pastoral setting; I seek to not merely be an intellectual but to be a pastor who applies their theology into everyday life and into the local church. I also came to learn how to leverage the local church to maximize the impact of the church in the community.
Funny Moment with Will and/or Ben: It was a cool night in the Mountains of North Georgia/Tennessee. Will, Ben, and I were seeking warmth from the fire. However, since we are men we also are innately pyros. In a search for a burst of flame one of the fearless Mi2 leaders decided to pick up the large box of matches and cast them into a fire. As the first flame hit the box we retreated to what we hoped to be a safe distance, waiting for the fire to reach the matches. But what were we met with? An all-consuming burst of orange flame? A firework show in the middle of the camp fire? Nope, all that we received was a lame sizzle as each match was burned up by the flames. Instead of a flame show we received a hearty guffaw.
Favorite Song: Cold-hearted by Paula Abdul

And there ya have it ladies and gents—the Mi2: Kenya team!  I absolutely love this team—so thankful for them. 
To God alone be the glory,
Amy and the Kenya-ers

P.S.and yes the sign of a God-ordained team is that they ALL have the same favorite song.


  1. Awesome! I knew that song would grow on you guys!

  2. yeah you should ask Rebecca how she feels about it.